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Therapy Services

Park Gardens offers therapy and rehabilitation services to our tenants through carefully selected partners. Several therapies can be offered with our partners, including occupational, speech, physical, and post-surgical care. Many tenants like this type of treatment because it allows them to receive necessary medical care while staying at home.

Physical Therapy
Physical therapy (PT) works to improve and promote optimal physical mobility. Often, treatment consists of exercise to improve strength, mobility training to improve transfer and walking skills and balance training to minimize fall risks. Services can also include modalities to assist with healing and pain relief such as ultrasound, hot/cold packs and electrical stimulation.

Occupational Therapy
Occupational Therapy (OT) works to improve and promote optimal activities of daily living (ADLs). Often, treatment consists of exercises to improve strength, ADL training to improve dressing, feeding and hygiene skills and cognitive training to improve safety awareness. Services can also include obtaining, applying and training on positioning and adaptive equipment.

Speech Therapy
Speech Therapy (ST) works to improve and promote optimal swallowing and communication skills. Treatment consists of assessing for and making appropriate diet recommendations, exercises to increase oral motor and swallow strength and speech and communication training.

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